Hi Everyone,

I hope all is going well & that you are finding a nice cool spot out of the pre-summer heat and showers.

The biggest ALERT news of the month was our recent elections. At our last meeting the ALERT elections were held for the 2014 – 2014 term.

The Officers for 2014 – 2015 are:

President: Ronnie King WX4RON
Vice-President & Membership: Steven Moss KB4FKN
NWS Liaison: Russell Thomas KV4S
Secretary: Mike Lamb KK4OHW
Operations: Steven Moss KB4FKN
Training: Ronnie King WX4RON
Treasurer: Johnny Knobloch KJ4OPX
Public Information: Zac Hollingsworth W4ZAC

Per the ALERT Bylaws our new Officers will assume their positions at the July 8 meeting.

Thanks to all of our new officers and to our outgoing officers for their service to our organization!

One thing which will remain the same is our newsletter. I will continue on as the Editor-In-Chief, and hopefully will be able to provide interesting items for your enjoyment.

I will also continue as the Net Manager of the ALERT Sunday Nite Net. If you have not checked in to our net I invite you to join us. We meet at 7PM Sunday on 146.88 MHz PL 88.5 hz.

I hope to see you there!

Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins

Some memories of hurricanes past…

“That crashing sound you just heard was a tree being blown through the window of our studio” – Radio Station WWL 760 kHz AM – New Orleans – Hurricane Camille 1969

“…it wa Read the rest of this entry »

Just a reminder this meeting is the Officer elections meeting.

Hi Everyone,

I hope this finds you doing well & that you have been enjoying these mostly sunny mid-spring days.

Our May ALERT meeting will feature our annual elections.

If you are a paid up Operational or Supporting Member, which is a member interested in Amateur Radio, Skywarn or Emergency Communications, but doesn’t have a ham license (yet), you may vote in the 2014 – 2015 ALERT leadership elections.

The officers will assume their positions at the July meeting.

July is also when ALERT dues are due. Remember, if you want to respond to ALERT callouts or serve as an officer you MUST be current with your dues.

So put the teeth in, comb that one remaining hair and head to the NWS Forecast Office May the 13th at 7PM.

I hope to see you at the meeting!


Severe Weather & Weather Radios
Ronnie King WX4RON

Have you or your family or close friends, ever had an up close and personal experience with severe weather? Could or would your experience have been altered by an alert from a weather radio? Let us take a look at a few things related to severe weather and weather radios.

Do you know how to program one or do you know someone else that knows how? Many times your local NWS office personnel know how to program or setup most types/brands of weather radio. Most of the time it just takes reading the instructions to set it up also. Many ham radio operators know how to program weather radios too. If you do not know how to program one, talk to a local ham club or the news media or even your local NWS office about setting up a day for a weather radio programing event in your community.

Do you always have your weather radio on so that you get severe weather alerts for your Read the rest of this entry »

The National Weather Service in Birmingham request ALERT activation on Tuesday, 04/29/2014 from 3pm-midnight CST.

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